Preparing for the big one!

So it's Sydney Meatstock eve, Its sort of like Christmas eve, but better! To say I'm excited would be a total understatement. My dreams (when I actually sleep) have been BBQ related and my thoughts never stray far from the ridiculous amount of crap I need to take with me. Today I hooked Fat Amy up to the Ute all by myself - I was so proud.  Although, I was too scared to move it in case I didn't hook it up right..... ha! 

All but one of the sauces

All but one of the sauces

I made all my sauces during the week.  I had this great idea that I should do only two sauces - one for ribs and pork and one for everything else. Somehow I ended up with seven separate bags of liquid including sauces, injections and glazes. I'm seriously my own worse enemy. I ended up having a separate sauce/glaze for lamb, brisket, pork and pork ribs and an injection for lamb, pork and brisket. Crazy days.....

We went and visited our good mate, Scott at East Blaxland Butchery to pick up our meat stash for the weekend. He hooked us up with a massive amount of meat including shoulder lamb, shanks, AAco brisket, chicken breast, a massive Boston butt, 2 racks of pork ribs and a pork belly. As well of course, as the parsley he so graciously supplies for every comp. Scott will be competing in the Butcher Wars at Meatstock on Sunday and he showed me the wooden shelving he will be displaying his finished products on. It looks great and I hope he can smash it out of the park!

The haul

The haul

The fun part after buying the meat, is trying to fit it in the fridge. We currently have three fridges. One is our normal, everyday kitchen fridge which is usually full of leftovers,  a few veges and other assorted crap. Downstairs we have a beer fridge which is usually full of beer (surprising hey!), soft drink and any other alcohol products we have. We have a third fridge which we got for free and not surprisingly, doesn't work, and is therefore now used as an outdoor cupboard. Yes, we are THAT classy. All this meat had to fit in the upstairs kitchen fridge, so after a bit of Tetris like manoeuvres, I managed to squish it all in.  

Tonight I have to make a quick trip to Costco for a catering gig I am doing next week, then it is home to do some trimming. It appears that BBQ has truly taken over my life....

The tetris fridge

The tetris fridge

Tomorrow we will be up by probably 4.30am, throw the last of our stuff in the Ute, pray Fat Amy is properly attached and off to the Sydney Showground for a 6am bump in. Thank goodness, our wonderful wood supplier Mike from Blackheath Firewood is also going to Meatstock so we don't have to take our own fuel. I am not sure where we would fit it if we had to bring it with us!.

If you are considering getting into this crazy sport of competition BBQ I have a few pieces of valuable advice for you:

1. Have lots of fridge space.

2. Have lots of money.

3. Don't ever think that any winnings at comps will cover the actual costs of competing. You are doing it for the love. 

4. Be good at tetris.

5. Find a good butcher

6. Find a good wood supplier

7. Organise and plan everything. I mean everything. 

8. Be nice to other teams - you never know when you will have to borrow stuff from them.

9. Practice your cooks 

10. Enjoy it - this is by far the best time we have had in a long time. Win or lose, it is worth every cent - and you will never regret it (except at about 7am Sunday morning at a comp, when you are tired, smelly, hungover and looking at another full day of cooking. Apart from then, you will never regret it!). 

See you on the flip side!!