Let us show you how to cook real low and slow bbq!


Have you got all the gear but no iDea?

Trust us - you're not the only one. Plenty of restaurants, pubs and hotels are putting big money into even bigger smokers without actually knowing how to cook real BBQ. Whilst BBQ isn't rocket science, it is definitely something that needs to be taught. If you don't do it right, you're customers will know and your BBQ dreams will become a nightmare. The BBQ community is very much built on word of mouth recommendations - serve bad BBQ and they will not only know about it, but they will tell everyone.

Our chief BBQ whisperer Linda, can teach you all you need to know to ensure your customers keep coming back for more BBQ! She can advise about menu options, social media posting, smoking from scratch, using unsold BBQ, smoker maintenance, flavours, best smoking wood and anything else you need to know!

We also realise its not just commercial premises that need some BBQ assistance. Have you got a husband/wife/friend/parent who thought that buying a new smoker would be a great idea but they don't really know how to use it? Are you sick of eating brisket that resembles and tastes like a leather boot or over eating old dry pulled pork? We offer one on one BBQ classes for the BBQ hopeful in your life - which ultimately benefits you too! Regardless of your knowledge level, we can teach you whatever you need to know. Need help to impress the family with some delicious BBQ? Want to improve your competition hand ins? Curious about how to use that old Weber that's been collecting spiders webs in your back yard? We can help!

Whether you are a commercial business or a backyard smoker wanting to up your BBQ game send us an email (Pitsperfect@hotmail.com) now so we can help you achieve your BBQ goals!